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PT. CENTRAL AUTOMATIC SYSTEM established in 2011 at Jakarta. PT. CENTRAL AUTOMATIC SYSTEM has renowned reputation as a leading company specializing in providing complete end-to-end Actuator, Gearbox, Inverter, Valve, Pump & Motor solutions. Its services range from Actuator &  Valve product sales, consulting service before and after sales, system installation to integrated maintenance and technical support

Definisi dan Fungsi Strainer, Steam Trap, Vent dan Drain

Given their roots in the community, local partners can promote stronger local decision-making and have a greater effect on the local power base.

Gender inequality in their homes and communities

Poverty and rising prices brought on by COVID-19 mean many families can’t afford food. These knock-on effects of the pandemic, plus conflict, and the climate crisis, together are creating a “perfect storm” threatening more droughts and food shortages.

Save the Children is working alongside communities to provide life-changing assistance to children. Our hunger and nutrition programs help millions every year. But we can’t do it alone.

Unequal responsibility for household work

Yet, in early childhood, gender disparities start out small. Girls have higher survival rates at birth, are more likely to be developmentally on track, and are just as likely to participate in preschool. Among those who reach secondary school, girls tend to outperform boys in reading across every country where data are available.