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PT. CENTRAL AUTOMATIC SYSTEM established in 2011 at Jakarta. PT. CENTRAL AUTOMATIC SYSTEM has renowned reputation as a leading company specializing in providing complete end-to-end Actuator, Gearbox, Inverter, Valve, Pump & Motor solutions. Its services range from Actuator &  Valve product sales, consulting service before and after sales, system installation to integrated maintenance and technical support
Product Category, CONTROL VALVE


HAITIMA H800 series control valves is a complete line of Heavy Top Guided globe style control valve, combine various
features with numerous of trim designs, these are suited to the most demanding process control requirements. All
valves are fully factory tested and meet the industry standards. The standard features is as follows:
Top Guided
Heavy top valve plug guiding provides the biggest support guarantee valve plug to be stable and rigid.
Single and Double Stage Lo-dB / Anti-caitation Trim
Replacing the conventional plug with the Lo-dB / Anti-cavitation design provides excellent noise attenuation or cavitation control.
Reduced Capacity and Low Flow Trim
A series of reduced area trim is available to provide wide flow range capabilities in all valve sizes. Optional trim to meet low flow requirements is also aailable.
High Pressure Capability
A variety of actuators are available to handle low to high pressure drop requirements.
Tight Shutoff
Class IV leakage is standard. Optional constructions meet IEC 534-60534-4 and ANSI/FCI 70.2 Class V and VI.
Hardened Trim
Provided as standard to handle high pressure drop application.
Trim Type
Standard construction offers either a quick change or threaded seat ring. This trim is unbalanced and uses no seals or pilots.
Environmental Packing
Low emission Garlock EVSP 9000 Packing is available to assure compliance with latest environmental regulations.

NACE Compliance
The H800 series is available for Sour Service Applications using design and construction methods in accordance with
NACE Standard MR 0103-2010. Applications requiring compliance to NACE Standard MR 0175/ISO 15156-2009
require engineering review.
Design Features
• Plug design: Contour, Perforated and Ported Plug
• Balanced / Unbalanced Plug
• Quick-Change
• Reduced Capacity: Provide a variety of reduced area trim
• Erosion resistance: Provide harden trim and excellent flow distribution at downstream of trim.
• Noise attenuation design: Perforated plug with standard multi-hole cage.
• 2-stage design, well suited for noise attenuation and cavitation control.
• Tight shut-off: Leakage IV, V(for metal seat) and VI (for soft seat)
• Low Emission Packing: Comply with environmental regulations
• Bellow Seal Configuration: Option for Hazardous Emission control
• Cryogenic Operation:Providing appropriate materials and extended bonnet suitable for